IEC 60502 / UNE 21123-2
Reference Norm


The universal flexible cable for power transmission.

Conductor: Electrolytic copper, class 5 (flexible), based on EN 60228

Insulation: XLPE.
The standard identification is the following:
1 x Black
2 x Blue + Brown
3 G Blue + Brown + Yellow/green
3 x Brown + Black + Grey
3 x + 1 x Brown + Black + Grey + Blue (reduced cross setcion)
4 G Brown + Black + Grey + Yellow/green
4 x Brown + Black + Grey + Blue
5 G Brown + Black + Grey + Yellow/green + Blue

Outer sheath: Flexible PVC outer sheath, Black colour.

Applications: This cable for energy distribution is suitable for all types of low voltage industrial-type connections, in urban grids, building installations, etc. Its high flexibility makes the installation process substantially easier and as a result is particularly suitable for use in difficult layouts. It can be buried or installed in a tube as well as outdoors without requiring additional protection. Lastly, the Powerflex RV-K cable can withstand damp conditions including total immersion in water.

National norm / european: EN 60332-1

International norm: IEC 60332-1



Flexible conductor, class 5 Maximum service temperature: 90ºC Maximum short-circuit temperature: 250ºC (max 5 s)
Minimum bending radius: 5 x cable diameter Meter by meter marking Flame non-propagation
Impact resistance: AG2. Medium impact Outdoor installation: permanent Water resistance: AD7 immersion
Chemical & oil resistance: good Minimum service temperature: -30


Industrial use Open air
Buried In conduit
Damp environment