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National  NF C 32-070/C2


Installation cable for private networks; for data transmission up to 2000 kHz, to suit ADSL technology.


  • Solid plain copper conductor
  • PE insulation
  • Conductors bunched into pairs
  • Pairs laid up in concentric layers or bundles
  • Cable core covered with PET sheath
  • Aluminium-PET screen with drain wire
  • PVC outer sheath (lead-free) with ripcord

Construction characteristics
Conductor material Plain copper  
Conductor flexibility Solid  
Insulation PE  
Protection PET sheath  
Screen Aluminium-PET with drain wire  
Electrical characteristics
Ohmical resistance of the insulation  
Maximal capacity at 800Hz 80nF/km  
Dielectric strength core to core DC, min. 1.5kV  
Dielectric strength core to screen DC, min. 1.5kV  
Characteristic impedance at 1MHz 100Ohm  
Transmission characteristics
Near End Cross Talk @ 2 MHz 40dB  
Mechanical characteristics
Mechanical resistance to impacts Normal domestic use  
Usage characteristics
Water proof Temporary  
Laying operation bending radius 420mm  
Field of application Indoor  
Ambient installation temperature, range -5 .. 50°C  
Operating temperature, range -15 .. 70°C  
Resistance to vibrations No  
Chemical resistance Negligible  

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Select all Items Nexans ref. Name Conductor diam. (mm) Number of pairs
Make to order product 10081639 LY6ST 001P G24 TO0500 0.5 1
Make to order product 10013290 LY6ST 001P G24 TO10000 I 0.5 1
Make to order product 10010341 LY9ST 001P G20 TO1000 0.8 1
Make to order product 10010390 LY6ST 002P G24 TO1000 0.5 2
Make to order product 10082079 LY6ST 002P G24 TO1000 0.5 2
Make to order product 10081640 LY6ST 003P G24 TO1000 0.5 3
Make to order product 10010419 LY6ST 005P G24 GY DIVERS 0.5 5
Make to order product 10073288 LY9ST 008P G20 TO1000 0.8 8
Make to order product 10073536 LY9ST 016P G20 TO0500 0.8 16
Make to order product 10020216 LY9ST 112P G20 TO0500 0.8 112
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